• What is Product Care?
    Product Care was a volunteer stewardship program initially for members of the Household & Commercial Products Association, which formulate products that provide desirable benefits for household, commercial, institutional and industrial customers as well as consumers, their families and pets. The program was developed in 2001 as a way to recognize and encourage the stewardship efforts of members that promote the production and distribution of safe and effective products. In 2013, the program expanded its strategic direction to integrate the Product Care principles throughout the association.

    All HCPA member companies support the core concepts of the principles that are incorporated into HCPA’s expanded mission and vision.  In addition, HCPA members can voluntarily commit to becoming a Product Care Steward by signing a commitment agreement, attend training, conducting a self-assessment, and working on stewardship opportunities that they have identified and prioritized.

  • What does the Product Care logo mean?
    Product Care Logo
    The logo means that the company displaying it has agreed to follow a code of management practices that provide a framework of guidelines for developing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing its products.
  • Why was Product Care created
    Product Care was initiated as a way for participants to promote the production and distribution of consumer and industrial/institutional specialty products. It provides a framework that emphasizes product stewardship considerations in each and every step of product development and use from concept to disposal.
  • What is a consumer specialty product?
    A consumer specialty product is used around the home to satisfy a specific need. It may be cleaning product for use in or around the home or on vehicles, a disinfectant that kills germs in the bathroom or kitchen, a pest management product to protect against disease carrying insects, a polish for your floor or furniture, or a candle or air freshener to make your home more enjoyable. Consumer specialty products are designed to make household tasks easier and frequently provide health benefits and improve the quality of life.
  • What are institutional specialty products?
    Institutional specialty products are used in hospitals, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, schools and other commercial areas to clean and protect the environment of the people who use them. They include products like antimicrobials and disinfectant cleaners that sanitize bathrooms and protect kitchens and dining areas, carpet cleaners and floor polishes that enhance and protect commercial buildings, and janitorial products that protect public facilities and work environments.