Welcome to the CSPA Product Care® Program website.

The Product Care Logo demonstrates: When a consumer, manufacturer or supplier encounters the Product Care logo on a product, website or within information materials, what it tells them is that the company has made a commitment to product safety, the environment and a code of management best practices.

Product Care® is a stewardship program sponsored by the consumer and institutional specialty products industry and coordinated by the Consumer Specialty Products Association. All CSPA members embrace the vision, mission and principles of Product Care. The Product Care principles provide a code of management practices for companies to operate under. These principles are designed to protect health, safety and the environment by carefully designing products, evaluating the use of sustainable materials and packaging, operating safe manufacturing facilities, promoting safe storage and distribution, providing useful product information, answering consumer questions and anticipating product disposal needs. CSPA members can also voluntarily commit to becoming a Product Care Steward by signing a commitment agreement, attending training, conducting a self-assessment and continually improving stewardship activities.